Ruth Zemke Lectureship in Occupational Science

About the Dr. Ruth Zemke Lectureship


Nomination Process

Each Spring, SSO:USA distributes a call for nominations for the next year's Ruth Zemke Lecture in Occupational Science (RZLOS). The 2020 nomination deadline is June 30th, 2019. Please see the 2020 Call for Nominations for more details. Nominations can be submitted on the 2020 nomination e-form. You may contact Antoine Bailliard, Chair of the RZLOS Selection Committee, with any questions about the nomination process ([email protected]).

Ruth Zemke Lecture in Occupational Science History

Former Lecturers

Dr. Wendy Wood - 2018

Dr. Kathlyn Reed - 2016

Dr. Ruth Humphry- 2015

Dr. Liz Townsend- 2014

Dr. Debbie Laliberte Rudman - 2013

Dr. Malcolm Cutchin - 2012

Dr. Doris Pierce - 2011

Dr. Gelya Frank - 2010

Dr. Virginia Dickie - 2009

Dr. Clare Hocking - 2008

Dr. Graham Rowles - 2007 

Dr. Charles Christiansen - 2006

Dr. Florence Clark - 2005

Dr. Jeanne Jackson - 2004

Dr. Elizabeth Yerxa - 2003

Dr. Ruth Zemke - 2002 Inaugural Lecture