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SSO:USA Mission

The SSO:USA is a research society that strives to build the body of knowledge in occupational science to benefit humanity. The society values:

  • collegiality;
  • collaboration;
  • critical discourse;
  • the development of researchers;
  • the application of knowledge within a variety of professions;
  • shared occupational experiences;
  • operating in ways that are open, transparent, fiscally responsible, and member and data-driven;
  • researchers, students, and practitioners;
  • members who are formally trained in occupational science;
  • and members who are formally trained in other disciplines and whose work integrates well with occupational science.
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Welcome New Board Members!

The board of directors is pleased to announce our newest board members. Congratulations to Betsy Francis-Connolly, our Board Chair-elect; Sandra Rogers, our Secretary; Khalilah Robinson Johnson, Chair, Membership Committee; Cynthia Evetts, Conference Committee Chair-Elect; and Diane Parham, Legal Chair-Elect. You can find short profiles of the new board members at this link. A complete list of our current board members can be found on the Board Member page.


2020 SSO:USA Conference

Please plan to attend the 2020 conference, to be held in St. Petersburg, Florida, October 8, 2020 to October 10, 2020. 

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